Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.
--怎 Interstellar 怏, Dylan Thomas.

Hi, there! I am currently a Ph.D. student at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK-CSE) under the guidance of Professor Bei Yu. My current research is focused on computational lithography and mask optimization. Additionally, my research interests include (1) machine learning in VLSI design for manufacturability and (2) physics-informed networks for solving EDA area problems. I am also currently seeking academic visit or research intern opportunities.

Iā€™m also maintaining a curated list of AI for EDA papers. Check it out here: Awesome AI for EDA. The list is under construction and you are welcomed to submit your publications follow the instructions.


Representative publications that I am a primary author on are highlighted.
[Google Scholar; 46+ citations, h-index: 3+]


[C11] Physics-Informed Optical Kernel Regression Using Complex-valued Neural Fields [paper]
Guojin Chen, Zehua Pei, Haoyu Yang, Yuzhe Ma, Bei Yu, and Martin Wong
DAC 2023
[C10] DiffPattern: Layout Pattern Generation via Discrete Diffusion [paper]
Zixiao Wang, Yunheng Shen, Wenqian Zhao, Yang Bai, Guojin Chen, Farzan Farnia, and Bei Yu
DAC 2023
[C9] GPU-accelerated Matrix Cover Algorithm for Multiple Patterning Layout Decomposition [paper]
Guojin Chen, Haoyu Yang, and Bei Yu
SPIE 2023
[C8] OpenILT: An Open-source Platform for Inverse Lithography Technology Research [paper] [code]
Su Zheng, Yuzhe Ma, Binwu Zhu, Guojin Chen, Wenqian Zhao, Shuo Yin, Ziyang Yu, and Bei Yu
GitHub 2023
[C7] Efficient Point Cloud Analysis Using Hilbert Curve. [paper]
Wanli Chen, Xinge Zhu, Guojin Chen, and Bei Yu
ECCV 2022
[C6] LayouTransformer: Generating Layout Patterns with Transformer via Sequential Pattern Modeling [paper]
Liangjian Wen, Yi Zhu, Lei Ye, Guojin Chen, Bei Yu, Jianzhuang Liu, and Chunjing Xu
ICCAD 2022
[C5] AdaOPC: A Self-Adaptive Mask Optimization Framework For Real Design Patterns [paper]
Wenqian Zhao, Xufeng Yao, Ziyang Yu, Guojin Chen, Yuzhe Ma, Bei Yu, and Martin Wong
ICCAD 2022
[C4] DevelSet: Deep Neural Level Set for Instant Mask optimization [abs] [paper]
Guojin Chen, Ziyang Yu, Hongduo Liu, Yuzhe Ma, and Bei Yu
ICCAD 2021
[C3] Learning Point Clouds in EDA. **(Invited Paper)** [abs] [paper]
Wei Li, Guojin Chen, Haoyu Yang, Ran Chen, and Bei Yu
ISPD 2021
[C2] DAMO: Deep Agile Mask Optimization for Full Chip Scale [abs] [paper]
Guojin Chen, Wanli Chen, Yuzhe Ma, Haoyu Yang, and Bei Yu
ICCAD 2020
[C1] A GPU-enabled Level Set Method for Mask Optimization [abs] [paper]
Ziyang Yu, Guojin Chen, Yuzhe Ma, and Bei Yu
DATE 2020


[J2] A GPU-Enabled Level-Set Method for Mask Optimization [paper]
Ziyang Yu, Guojin Chen, Yuzhe Ma, and Bei Yu
TCAD 2023
[J1] DAMO: Deep Agile Mask Optimization for Full-Chip Scale [paper]
Guojin Chen, Wanli Chen, Qi Sun, Yuzhe Ma, Haoyu Yang, and Bei Yu
TCAD 2022

Professional Activities

Paper Review / External Review

2023 Design Automation Conference (DAC)
2022 AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)
2022-2023 IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems (TCAD)


Python Computing (AIST 1110), TA F2022
Mobile Computing (CSCI 3310), TA S2022
Numerical Optimization (AIST 3010), TA F2021

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